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This game is free for your interpretation, but it's main goal is to make you think. Everything you see here has at least two meanings. Since the themes are serious, and usually lead to severe consequences, we wanted to make the message of it clear. Hope you have fun but also that you stop for a minute and think of what you can do to improve your own life and life of people around you. Remember - we all can have positive impact on this world. Thank you for your time <3

-Update log-


Fixed a few minor bugs

Tweaked the spawning of enemies

Added mute button

WSAD - Move

LMB - Shoot

F - Toggle fullscreen

ESC - Toggle pause


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Forgiveness win32.zip 48 MB
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Forgiveness linux32.zip 67 MB
Forgiveness linux64.zip 66 MB
Forgiveness osx.zip 68 MB


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I liked it overall! The gameplay was fun once I figured out how to start it.


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The game requires player to kill. I see, developer(s) want to make us think, but, guys, I would rather decide not to kill any human if I'm thinking, what I'm doing.

UPD: Maybe, you shoud give player an ability to speak. Because it is strange when player silently start killing.



Great work guys you can tell a lot of thought and care went into this, love the art style and everything feels smooth and responsive.

Thank you so much Warren! We'd love to expand on the idea in the future since we did this one quite in rush and just barely touched the subject, however we're still happy with the fact that it got some people talking and that we managed to finish it before the end of 2017. 


So, considering the blurb on both this page and the title screen of the game I knew that this was going to cover something serious. But I didn't know it was going to be this serious. I like that it isn't completely in your face about it either, just a bit of commentary about the usual, and frankly absurd, reaction that is normally attributed to it. Clean, simple, well executed and it gets its point across. well done.

Same I didn't get it at all, fun thou

Oh I got it, just left it vague for anyone who either wants to play or watch the video.

Can u explain it please.

Please feel free to watch the video, I'd rather not spoil it for anyone who has yet to play, and wishes to, and reads the comments.

I can try to do this in order to hide my next comment